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Road safety
We strive to make sure that the product we deliver is not just a complete high quality product,
but also an innovative solution that can assure safety for our clients and others.


Wheel nut markers

We are aware that specific in the heavy duty CV industry the relative movement between hub and wheel can cause circumstances such that the nut is unwind during service.

We developed safety products to be fitted over the hexagon, by multiply serrations, such that the integrated point can be directed in any preferred direction, such that in the blink of an eye any disruption is recognised. 


Dividing the stages of the wheel detachment process, the stage that play is present between wheel and hub is the crucial last stage, in which the nuts are sheared off and the wheel becomes detached.

In addition to indicating the unwinding of a hexagon fastener, we have developed also products, with a retaining function. These products providing an anti loosening/unwinding force, balancing out the loosening torque of the hexagon, as a result of the reduced elastic spring force of the elongated stud.

Reflective tape according ECE 104C

In our range we sell the safety reflective tape based on the production method micro prismatic, and the side are sealed to warrant a durable product. The product is approved according the ECE 104C regulation and we have the rigid and segmented range available in Red, Amber and White.

One of the exclusive options is : we can brand the tape according to your wishes even in smaller batches and within days.

the best insurance on the road
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The standaard wheel nut hexagon marker along with the hexagon and therefore indicating the position of the hexagon.


The next generation of indicating retaining. The Twindicator allows a small angle of rotation, such that the stress on the stud reduces beyond the fatigue yield point, and indicate, and prevents further unwinding, while still clamping force is present.

Cap indicator

Wheel nut marker with a point indicating the rotation at the bottom, covering the stud/nut or bolt and the flange.

LR - indicator

Wheel nut marker with a point indicating the rotation at the top, and covering the stud/nut or bolt and the flange, to over come for example a fitted trim.

LR - Small sizes

The he barrel has no skirt due to different applications, mainly fitted without flange, and with a limited height of the hexagon to clamp the splines of the indicator.

As the majority of the wheel surfaces don’t have a flat surface, such that the pointer can rotate without obstacles, the pointer is designed as part of the head on top of the barrel aand withour a skirt due to the fact that also bolts without flange are very common.

LR- straight barrel with a hole

Wheel nut marker with a point indicating the rotation at the top, and covering the stud/nut or bolt and the flange, to overcome for example a fitted trim.  This product has no skirt.

Domes, with open slot

These products have two small slots underneath the Top-pointer, to accommodate swinging out  moisture during service.

Reflector indicator

These Indicator for Long reach applications do contain retro-reflective material on top to add the property to reflect the light,  specific for the light carrying blind spot traffic 

Double pointer

This product helps the drivers to check quicker, and more clear the fasteners positions. In case a small amount of studs or an uneven amount, the double pointer can lift the regularity to a ring, instead of a bunch of lose impressions.

Link indicator

This is a product, linking 2 hexagons with a bridge, such that loosening is accepted over an angle, in the meanwhile showing an irregular fitting, indicating the loosening.

Indicator with retaining band

This product contains an indicator per hexagon, linked with a specific band, such that loosening is controlled over a small indicational angle and after a balance arising in forces, retaining in position.

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